What we do….

Annual Autism Awareness Walk and Family Fun Day

Every April we have hosted a Family Fun Walk to promote autism awareness and to help build a sense of community for those families who have   been affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. The day typically involves a walk around the High School Track, music, inflatables, bubbles, informational tables, face painting and more. Click here to learn more….


In 2010 we initiated the first scholarships in Oswego County to be granted to graduating seniors who were pursuing further education post high school AND were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  As a Task Force we were thrilled to recognize the difficulties and huge effort that these young people have displayed by not only finishing a public education but also by seeking further education, whether in college or in a vocational school.  We felt it was important to recognize their hard work and dedication as well as to encourage other young people with autism to feel that they, too, could succeed and go on to find a rewarding career after high school.  We are proud to honor these students with the Brianna Cahill Scholarship.  Click here to learn more…..

Friends of Autism Awards

For the last two years our task force has recognized an outstanding individual who has gone “above and beyond” in helping an individual or family affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder.  It is probably no coincidence that both winners thus far have been educators but please note that educators are not the only one that can champion the cause for an individual affected by autism!  A helpful store owner or clerk, favorite physician or nurse or your local librarian are all eligible for this award.  The intent is to recognize and thereby encourage acceptance and embracement of our children’s differences.  Click here to learn more….

Training and Workshops

The Task Force is pleased to report that we have promoted several very interesting and informative workshops and trainings.  We’ve hosted workshops on Social Story use and creation, The Home and School Communication Notebook, Transitioning from Public School to Adulthood and most recently Transitioning within the school system: from year to year, school to school.  As always knowledge and preparation is power.  We are currently talking with the YMCA respite program about hosting a training to their staff and volunteers as they are a vital link in services that our Autism Community enjoys.  Stay tuned for more workshops.Read more…..